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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and enjoy the artwork.  We are currently in the process of replicating the artwork and ensuring the quality of are Fine Art Prints remain at a high standard.  As they become available we will update each prints information.  If you would like to contact the artist directly, follow the link below.

Unfortunately we can only ship to US and Canada at this time.

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About Art Prints

The Fine Art Print

Joel DeJong's high quality Art Prints are produced locally using the giclee method for replicating fine art.  Using archival quality inks and acid free watercolor papers the giclee print is color matched by professionals to match the original artwork. 

Limited Edition Prints

Each giclee print is signed and numbered by the artist.  Once the run is sold out, no more prints will be created in that sizing.

Why Buy A Print

Fine Art prints are very often more affordable to individuals and decorators wanting original quality artwork at a fraction of the cost of the original painting.  Color matched to the original picture, giclee prints will last 100+ years under proper conditions.

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Fine Art Prints

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About Fine Art Giclee Prints

Giclee is the industry standard for replicating artwork.  Scanned or professionally photographed from the original artwork, the print is carefully color matched to reflect the exact colors and vibrancy of the original artwork. 

Printed with the archival quality inks on heavy weight acid free watercolor paper, these prints will retain their color and impact for many years to come.  Properly framed under UV resistant glass these prints can be passed down for generations.

Where Is Your Art Reproduced?

We love supporting local businesses and are committed to supporting the local community. Our giclee prints are scanned and printed locally by a professional printer using the latest Fine Art Giclee reproduction and printing techniques and equipment.   

Purchase Process

Select the print (or prints) you would like to purchase, click the CONTACT ARTIST button under the print, and fill in the name of the selection in the comments section.  You will be contacted directly by the artist followed by a Paypal invoice in your email with your purchase to review and pay via paypal, or major credit card.

Once payment is received, the prints will be packaged and shipped to the address indicated by you.

As of right now shipping is only available to the U.S. and Canada.  Please allow up to three weeks for delivery.  

Shipping Cost

A flat rate of $15.95 for packaging and shipping will be added to each order.  If multiple prints are purchased at a single time, the S&H charge will only be added to the first print.