Showcasing The art of Joel DeJongShowcasing The art of Joel DeJongShowcasing The art of Joel DeJongShowcasing The art of Joel DeJong

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About Joel DeJong

Joel DeJong

"I have always been drawn to a life of adventure and it is through my artwork that I can share my passions. Although I took many art classes in my youth, I gleamed most of my knowledge about art through self study, emulating  master watercolor artists like Homer, Wyeth, Sargent, Moran, Turner and others until I could stand on my own wobbly feet."  

About the Art


"Watercolor fascinates me because of the versitality of the medium.  It not only fits my lifestyle with its ease of travel, it also has the unique quality of relying on the underlying light of the paper to draw life into the painting.  It constantly excites, surprises, and challenges me as an artist and provides opertunities to grow in my craft." 

What inspires


"I picked up watercolors and the love of fly fishing almost at the same time in my life so I suppose it was inevitable that fish play a large role in my artwork.  I'm also and avid outdoorsman, hiker, sailor, and professional pilot which gives me plenty of travel opportunities.  As a result inspiration is never very far away."

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